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I'm trying to share my Microsoft OneNote notebook via BoxCryptor/Dropbox with another computer, but OneNote doesn't even recognize it as a shared folder. Not sure if this is related to the missing network share feature or if another "flag" or something is missing here. Would be nice to be investigated because it would be a very useful feature, at least for me :)...

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      • CosCos commented  · 


        Everything was working fine with my OneDrive, BoxCryptor, OneNote combo, until I migrated to a new laptop and started getting multiple corrupted sections. After a couple of very frustrating days performing decryptions, encryptions and file relocations I found out that the newer version of Boxcryptor was to blame. This is my (now working) setup, hope it works for you too:
        -OneNote 2010 14.0.7145.5000 32-bit
        -OneDrive 2015 17.3.5930.0814
        -BoxCryptor 2.0.429.396


      • DontaskmynameDontaskmyname commented  · 

        For those who are having problems sharing a folder on their Boxcryptor drive, make sure to check "mount for all users" in the advanced settings.

      • StefanStefan commented  · 

        This thread may be old but yet with OneNote2013 the cache file corrupts while storing the data on the BoxCryptor drive.

        Here's a workaround that works for me:
        - Given that S:\ is your secure BoxCryptor drive (pointing to DropboxDir\securefiles.bcc or any other suitable cloud storage)
        - Create directory inside, e.g. S:\onenote_data
        - Share this directory on the network (be sure to assign approriate read/write restrictions if you're not the only person on your LAN)
        - Mount this network share again: \\localhost\onenote_data to another drive, e.g. O:\
        - Store your OneNote files on O:\

        This way, OneNote treats the location as a "shared directory" and succeeds in synchronising the stuff to the secure storage.

        Hope that helps!

      • DamoDamo commented  · 

        Hi - I've found the same. When OneNote tries to cache the BoxCryptor files, it corrupts the entire cache (not just the Boxcryptor notebook, but ALL my notebooks - Boxcryptor, Skydrive direct, Local, etc).

        OneNote is a fantastic tool, and works great in many shared scenarios - including via an occasionally-attached network share via VPN - so evidently it's getting confusion and pain by the local vs network virtual drive presented by Boxcryptor.

        I have used OneNote successfully with a Truecrypt partition on OneNote (although not fully tested how it works when shared ,with the TC files being infrequently synced by Dropbox because they're usually open and Dropbox needs them to be detached first).

        I'm going to go back to that while Boxcryptor try to find a fix, but I suspect they might not because it sounds the issue is with OneNote not liking like the new version, and the new version is probably seen as an improvement in general.

      • MortenMorten commented  · 

        I know this is kind of old, but I have been using boxcryptor and OneNote for a long time.
        But after switching to the new version of boxcryptor and upgrading to OneNote 2013 has broken something. Just working a couple of minutes on a notebook stored on the monted boxcryptor drive will corrupt the notebook and a never ending cycle of OneNote repair has to be done.

      • Yury SmolskyYury Smolsky commented  · 

        Let me raise this problem again. I see this issue too with OneNote 2010 and latest version of BoxCryptor through DropBox. Basically the problem is just with BoxCryptor storage. When I add sections to OneNote document, sometimes they disappear from the document. Seems like each time OneNote tried to save document, just after that BC overrights it with newer timestamp. Not sure how the actual changes got lost and why.... Anybody can give me a clue?

      • Liam JamesLiam James commented  · 

        I too have issues with onenote.

        It just will not sync across multiple computers. OneNote 2010/2007 + Dropbox works surprisingly well with very little conflicts. But the added layer of Boxcryptor breaks that functionality with some changes going through and others ignored.

        I am using the latest version of Boxcrytor, Dropbox, and running Windows 7. Sync works fine when reverting to Dropbox general folder.

        Some changes go through but others do not. I tried recreating the tabs and then it syncs the container but nothing is populated and the error message is "Waiting to sync this section. Another
        OneNote program created it but has not yet uploaded the content."

        I have a custom-named folder called "Secure" with filename encryption as per default, and secure local drive "S:". It may be just too many layers of syncing with OneNote --> Drive --> Secure Drive --> Dropbox --> Secure etc..


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